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Light Artist lets you add realistic lighting effects and a touch of 3D to your images
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6 June 2007

Editor's review

    Light Artist makes your images look brighter, lighter or gloomier with its innovative light-effects manipulation ability.
    It can change the look of your existing images by adding realistic lighting effects. Sometimes a good picture might lose its beauty due to insufficient light effects. This program allows you to make such ordinary pictures sunnier, gloomier, reflective or romantic. The tool has an MDI interface and its skins can be changed to give it a better look. Sometimes you can use some image channels as the texture channels in order to add 3D relief to your images. The various modifications that can be done to your images are changing the light colors and adding multiple sources of light. You can also change the quality of the image surface.
    An image can be completely modified for the better by adding and modifying its illumination effects.

Publisher's description

Now completely free! Light Artist is a unique image editing program offering a number of options that produce amazing results. The program allows adding multiple light sources to photographic images, which can be useful either for enhancing images taken in a dimly-lit environment or for producing different lighting effects.
By choosing different colors, spread and intensity of the light sources you can boost color, make dull and unexciting tints warmer or brighter or highlight any image area. You can get amazing results if you highlight overcast skies or brighten up the sunset sky giving it any imaginable hue. Use different colors of a light source to alter the color scheme of the image and change the overall impression it produces - make it either sunny and luminous or mysterious and frightening.
Still another possibility is adding 3D relief to images, which can help enhance outlines, make the contours more distinct and produce an embossing effect imitating engraving.
Light Artist comes with built-in light source presets to demonstrate the full range of possibilities of this handy and powerful tool. You can also save your light settings so that you can apply them later to your other photos.
Light Artist is an indispensable tool for image enhancement that can be useful for both novice users and professional designers. The program also contains a plugin for creating thumbnails of your photos for web galleries.
Light Artist
Light Artist
Version 1.5
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